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Looking Back on Manufacturing Day 2017!

3 months ago

Bloom 206 brought together several South Suburban manufacturing businesses to offer students a first-hand look at a field that helped build America.

On Tuesday, October 3, students from several middle schools across eight South Suburban districts will visited Bloom and heard from several manufacturing companies about the resurgence of industry and what it takes to enter the manufacturing field. Speakers at the event included Behr Paint Manufacturing Managers John Harmon and Matt Smith, as well as Prairie State College Dean of Career and Technical Education Janice Kaushal. Chicago Heights Mayor David A. Gonzalez was the keynote speaker.

After hearing from the businesses, students split up to take tours of 22 participating manufacturing facilities including the Ford Motor Company Stamping Plant, F.H.Ayer Manufacturing. and Do-Rite Die & Engineering. Students also visited Prairie State College’s manufacturing technology machine shop.

Manufacturing Day holds a special significance in Chicago Heights, says Bloom Township High School District 206 Superintendent Lenell Navarre.

“Manufacturing has seen a resurgence in the United States, and industry has always been deeply tied to Chicago Heights,” Navarre said. “It has been wonderful to see our event grow and evolve over the past four years, and seeing so many young people take an interest in industry makes for a promising future.”

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    Photos: Bloom 206 Band Plays the South Side Irish Parade
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  • Students Spend Black History Month Learning from Historic and Modern Heroes
    Students Spend Black History Month Learning from Historic and Modern Heroes
    Bloom Township High School District 206 schools recently completed Black History Month programming for students, building a curriculum of instruction and field trip opportunities to open up more opportunities to learn about in the valuable impact of African-Americans on the United States.

    Throughout the month, Bloom Trail African-American History teacher Krystal Davis’ connected her students with Jennie Eng, a member of the Lincoln Online Oratory Program offered by Ford's Theater in Washington D.C.

    “The goal of the program is to prepare students for public speaking, build confidence and make connections to primary source materials,” Davis said.

    Eng met with the students virtually on three separate occasions throughout the month to help the students prepare to present President Abraham Lincoln's historic House Divided speech, which highlighted the danger of slavery-based disunion. Eng focused on presence, language, and tone when offering up advice on how to deliver the iconic speech. In class, the students further discussed the speech and addressed the tension experienced during Pre-Civil War America.

    In addition to classroom learning experiences, on February 27, students from Bloom and Bloom Trail high schools went on a field trip to Prairie State College to hear from David Stovall Ph.D., Professor Educational Policy Studies and African-American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

    Stovall led a discussion on how distractions and conflict impact the future of black life in the United States. He also provided concrete examples of the challenges and contradictions of dealing with conflict and distractions central to education.

    Bloom 206 Superintendent Lenell Navarre highlighted the significance of Black History Month to the school district. “As educators, we must take every opportunity we can to enlighten our youth about the contributions African-Americans have made to the growth and development of this country,” Navarre said. “Black history is American history and I am proud to see the youth of all colors and ethnicities in our district taking an interest in seeing the full picture.”
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