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About Our Bus Policy
June 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Positive Connections Transportation Services has been contracted to provide the transportation for Bloom High School. The telephone number for Positive Connections is 708-333-8989.

Proper conduct is expected of all Bloom Students at all times. Bloom’s discipline code is in effect on buses and at bus stops. Riding the bus is a privilege. Bus drivers will refer students to school authorities for misconduct. Students who misbehave on the bus will forfeit their bus privileges and be required to provide their own transportation to and from school.

Please have your child go to their assigned bus stop; students should report to their bus stop 10 minutes before the assigned time. Riders are asked to remain at stops at least 10 minutes after regular pick-up time. The bus will arrive at approximately the same time each morning.

It is mandatory that all Bloom students present a current school ID to their bus drivers. A strict “NO ID NO RIDE” policy will be enforced for the protection of our students. Students will be issued IDs during the first week of school. The bus drivers will begin checking IDs the second week of school. Students who do not have their IDs, will be refused transportation and will be responsible for providing alternate transportation to and from school. If an ID is lost or mutilated at some time during the year, a replacement must be purchased in room 229 at the cost of $5.00 and an additional fee of $1.00 if a break-away lanyard is required.

Please feel free to contact my assistant Alexia Lopez at 708-755-1122 ext. 2104 if you have any questions.


Marcus Lyke
Assistant Principal for Student Services

ECI/CNA Prairie State College Bus Schedule

about 1 year ago

1Ashland & 201st Street7:23
4 or 8Bloom7:25
1115th & Division-
12Brookwood School7:35