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2018 Prom
2018 Prom
A Starry Night In Paris
6:30-11:30 (Doors Close at 8pm)
Cost - $85
Georgios Banquets
8800 W 159th St, Orland Park, IL 60462

In order to purchase a prom ticket – you must pay 10% of your fees.

So if you owe $400 – you must pay $40 before you buy your prom ticket

There is a $50 cap. So if you owe more than $500 – you only have to pay $50

Post Prom
Odyssey Fun World - 11:45-2:30
Doors close at 12:15

Only 11th and 12 graders are allowed to purchase tickets. 10th graders are allowed to come as a guest of a Bloom junior or senior.